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It was one of those perfect south Florida days; warm sun, salty breeze in the nose, shimmering lazy waves rolling softly onto a glistening early morning beach.  If you are a south Floridian you know what I am talking about.  I was meeting with a long time friend, Vicky, who I had not seen in a while and we were catching up.  We had not even gotten to me, when she leaned in a little and asked, “Ralph, why do you think you and Joanna are so blessed in the real estate business?”  I still don’t know what people expect you to say right here, so I gave her the boiled down, condensed answer, which to me says it all.  I replied, “It’s all in my head.”

Because I admit, the  perspective Joanna and I share in our career is not typical of people who do what we do.  Perhaps it stems from my aversion to crowds, unless of course I am speaking to one at an event somewhere; then, the bigger the better!  But being in a crowd, part of the crowd, thinking like the crowd or operating like the crowd, no thanks.  OK, I would like to think that I am an original.  And if so, then as a team, we prefer to let our unique light shine in the present real estate culture.  So, guilty; we operate our real estate business distinctly, and we celebrate our difference.

GerardResults has no listings.  Why?  Because listings are no fun; zero fun, sir!  I have never taken a listing to lunch, laughed with a listing, prayed with a listing or in any way spent quality time with a listing.  Instead, GerardResults has friends.  We take our friends to lunch, we laugh with them; we enjoy them.  That is a lot of fun!  Some of our friends have decided that it is the right time to sell some real estate holdings.  We talk about that.  We also have friends who feel it is the right time to buy property as well.  We roll that around.  Buying, selling, leasing, exchanging, if it involves real estate, we facilitate the process for our friends.

Our entire business flows from that relationship mindset.  We focus on relationships.  Every good thing follows.

We like being part of the team that brings our friends joy.  And we take our friendships very seriously.  Unless bound by law in rare circumstances, we never enter into the all too common transaction brokerage relationship.  We are single agents; we are a Fiduciary and we are always a Fiduciary.  We are focused 100% on the needs and desires of our clients and their confidentiality is our fiduciary trust.  We do not work for the deal, that is what transaction brokers do. We work for our friends.  The deal is simply the result.  We have no divided loyalties, no mixed signals.  You are never in doubt as to who is representing you.  Because our joy is making certain that our friends are completely satisfied when all is said and done.  And that leads to more friends.

Maybe you are thinking about buying or selling your home, perhaps an apartment complex, office building or shopping center somewhere in Florida.  Perhaps you would like a friend who can help you with that.  Perhaps that friend is…

Exclusive Real Estate Representation

Ralph D. Gerard

Joanna M. Gerard


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